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SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is the one and only factor which brings your website to people searching for your services on the Search Results (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) for organic search. One's looking for a solution to get their business reach potential customers getting your website SEO score should be your long-term strategy.

At the other hand, you need to be sure NOT to be scammed by some online IT services businesses who claim to be the Top search engine optimization specialists or digital marketing specialists in the world. One has the basic information about SEO before handing your website over to some digital marketing agencies, make sure to check their portfolio (to personally track a website’s SEO score online) and decide who to choose to optimize your website, so you could get legitimate results on your business website which includes (Daily traffic and potential customers) with a working SEO strategy.

SEO Service

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

What you can expect from Internet Marketing Company and their SEO Service & How we can help you achieve your Digital Marketing Goals as well as Search Engine Marketing.


Dynamic & Intelligent Content

At Infirix we as a SEO Company strictly offend Plagiarized & Duplicate content, which can potentially devalue your website on Search Engine Rankings.


Automated Tools

Infirix is willing to help you with seo techniques Link Building, Backlinks, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, On Page Optimizations and Off Page Optimizations to understand website rankings on Search Engine Results.


Real Time Analytics

We will provide you with all the SEO tools & information you may need to see how your website doing in Search Results Real Time.

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Search Engine Recovery

Search Marketing

Reputation Recover

Real Time Analytics

At Infirix, our actual concern is your trust, we are strictly committed to help increase your search engine ranking to grow your business with our highly skilled Google Certified team of SEO professionals.

We Experiment & implement perfect strategy that suits well and our webmasters optimise your business website for top Online Marketing Optimisation.


Research - is the key to push your business in the right direction of your business nature, at Infirix, you can count on our Research Measures & our Team's Hard work

Major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo have their website crawlers programmed with specific algorithm to check your website against and tools like Google Adwords, Google Webmaster, Google Keyword Planner etc helps to track rankings and issues.

At Infirix, we make sure to optimize your website with what Search Engines want it to work for internet surfers, We make required changes on your website to make it Search Engine Bot Friendly.

Search Engines basically check on your website for it's user-friendliness and we make sure it just meets the requirements to be able to rank higher in top search engines.

Once, we have our Research done and understanding of your business nature, we are not far to get you the desired results you want from business website.

We share all the details & tools, you may need to track your website's performance on major search engines and to check on your potential customers behaviour while they visit your site.

Affordable Pricing & Plan

We are expert in Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Research, Google Advertising, Real Time Analysis and many more



  • 10 Keywords
  • Initial SEO Analysis
  • 1 Competitor Analysis
  • 10 Meta Tags Optimization
  • 10 Article Distribution
  • 50 Directory Submissions
  • 10 Classified Submissions
  • 100 Social Bookmarkings
  • 3 x 500 Words Blog Postings
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  • 20 Keywords
  • Initial SEO Analysis
  • 2 Competitor Analysis
  • 20 Meta Tags Optimization
  • 15 Article Distribution
  • 100 Directory Submissions
  • 20 Classified Submissions
  • 150 Social Bookmarkings
  • 6 x 500 Words Blog Postings
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  • 30 Keywords
  • Initial SEO Analysis
  • 3 Competitor Analysis
  • 30 Meta Tags Optimization
  • 20 Article Distribution
  • 150 Directory Submissions
  • 30 Classified Submissions
  • 200 Social Bookmarkings
  • 10 x 500 Words Blog Postings
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